Australian Soil Biological Supplies, (ASBS), was formed from many years of experience by individuals who have a passionate belief in sustainable practices.

The original founding members of ASBS were part of an AusIndustry funded Industry Group.

The role of this group was to investigate new technologies for the conversion of organic materials into high grade soil amendments or plant growth promoters.

That was way back in 1999.

ASBS took that research and applied the principles of the Soil Food Web Institute to them after working with SFI on a few projects.

Every product we have ever created and supplied as well as every course or hands on management project has used the principles of SFI every step of the way and in various ways.

Our aim is to assists clients with their pursuit in achieving the best results and return on investment possible while improving the environmental aspects of their land.

It is our goal to assist in empowering our clients with the knowledge to understand how to get back in touch with their soil and how to make that work for them.

Many years have gone by since the so called artificial manure industry (Fertilisers) was created to take care of what was effectively a war surplus of arms by turning this into "FERTILISER"

True understanding of Soil Fertility has been pushed to one side and largely 'forgotten' to make way for Chemicals. 

As many are aware or becoming aware, this process has been depleting our soils of its "true" fertility while assisting in the creation of major pollution problems worldwide.

We aim to teach you the understanding of utilising Biology, Biochemistry, Soil fertility and the associated aspects to reverse this trend.

In most cases the need for chemicals is diminished dramatically or in some cases even eliminated. At the very least you should see a vast improvement in your soil health. Soil health is the basis to improvement's in Plant/Crop production and health, Animal production and ourhealth.

Why be a part of the problem when you can be a part of the solution!

Please contact us today to start your journey towards healthier soils, crops, animals and humans!